Contern, 4 February 2013 – Dr. Silvano Sommer has been appointed new CEO at the cleantech company Epuramat. His executive management experience in international water processing business will play a major role in bringing Epuramat products to the wastewater treatment market. In this function Dr. Silvano Sommer takes responsibility for the company management.

The Luxembourgish cleantech company Epuramat is pleased to welcome Dr. Silvano Sommer as new CEO. After many years of executive and project management in the water treatment sector, Dr. Sommer decided to take up this new challenge and bring his strong experience to Epuramat. As top manager he was involved into the business development of a global major in water business being part of an industry group with more than 50,000 employees today. He played also a leading role in setting up and developing subsidiaries in nearly 20 European countries, being today market leaders in their businesses.

Today, Dr. Silvano Sommer aims to help Epuramat in its market expansion and product development as well as to establish the company as global player in its niche. "I am proud to join Epuramat and manage a company with such a great potential and impressive technologies. I want to rely on its strong foundations, its successful products and its dynamic team to pursue the development of the company and turn it into a key player in the wastewater treatment market", said Dr. Silvano Sommer.

About Epuramat

Founded in 2005 in Luxembourg, Epuramat S.A. provides compact and energy-efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions. Its patented ExSep® (Extreme-Separator) pre-treatment solution uses fluid dynamics, to separate solid matter from liquid, enabling wastewater to be more easily and more efficiently processed or recycled. Epuramat systems can be used in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, including treating wastewater from remote communities for direct discharge into open surface water; separating oil from water; treating industrial water for re-use; and treating digestate wastewater resulting from biogas production. The Epuramat plants are currently in operation in Europe, the US and Canada.

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