Contern, 31 May 2013 – Wastewater treatment specialist Epuramat released a new Box4Water system for the treatment of wastewater from septic tank emptying. The first unit has been delivered this week to a French sanitation company, which will be able, with this complete solution, to treat its wastewater autonomously, resulting in significant cost savings as well as process optimizing.

Sanitation companies are confronted with several issues concerning their wastewater management. Indeed, for septic tank or sewer emptying and cleaning, these sanitation specialists recover large amounts of wastewater with their tanker trucks, which must be emptied before subsequent sanitation operations. This water with high organic load can only be discharged into municipal wastewater treatment plant. This results in various constraints in terms of costs and logistics.

To address this issue, Epuramat designed a new treatment solution for wastewater from septic tank emptying, which allows these sanitation experts to treat their wastewater on their own site. This innovative and efficient system provides treated water which can be reused for sanitation operations (such as cleaning) or directly discharged into the municipal sewage system, or even into water surface (depending on the local conditions). Sanitation companies can thus make significant cost savings in their fresh water withdrawing, in the wastewater transport to the municipal wastewater treatment plant, as well as in disposal related taxes. Beyond these financial issues, this solution offers above all user-friendliness to sanitation companies, allowing them to optimize their truck fleet management, and finally to increase efficiency and flexibility in their activities.

The Epuramat’s Box4Water system designed specifically for this application is a mobile and compact solution which consists of two 20 ft. containers. The first module is a primary treatment system for wastewater from septic tank emptying. The second one, placed downstream this pre-treatment, is a biological treatment unit providing a high-quality effluent, either for discharge or reuse. This complete system is quickly operational and fully autonomous, and can be remotely controlled and monitored.

About Epuramat

Founded in 2005 in Luxembourg, Epuramat S.A. provides compact and energy-efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions. Its patented ExSep® (Extreme-Separator) pre-treatment solution uses fluid dynamics, to separate solid matter from liquid, enabling wastewater to be more easily and more efficiently processed or recycled. Epuramat systems can be used in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, including treating wastewater from remote communities for direct discharge into open surface water; separating oil from water; treating industrial water for re-use; and treating digestate wastewater resulting from biogas production. The Epuramat plants are currently in operation in Europe, the US and Canada.

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