Contern, Luxembourg, 20 November 2013 – Luxemburgish company Epuramat has received ISO 9001 certification, issued by accredited certification body TÜV Rheinland. This official certificate is a significant step in the development of Epuramat and recognizes the quality management system established and operated within the company, based in particular on continuous improvement, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Since its creation in 2005, Epuramat has always been particularly sensitive to quality, in terms of design and production of its products, selection of its suppliers as well as customer relationship. It was thus obvious for the company to decide to implement this ISO 9001 certification at the core of its organisation, in order to recognize officially the efforts made by Epuramat to establish and continually improve this quality approach.

After several months of procedure implementation as well as internal formations and audits, Epuramat received in July a favourable opinion resulting from the first certification auditing phase, conducted by ESCEM (European Society for Certification of Management Systems), a private certification body acting on behalf of TÜV Rheinland. The final audit took place on 31 October 2013 to evaluate in details all the departments of the company, such as management, sales, accounting, engineering and production.

This final auditing phase turned out to be positive and Epuramat officially received the ISO 9001 certification on 20 November 2013. “This certification rewards the efforts undertaken by Epuramat to implement an efficient quality approach and is a further step in the development of the company”, said Epuramat CEO, Dr. Silvano Sommer. “This will also allow the company to strengthen its image on the wastewater treatment market”.

About Epuramat

Founded in 2005 in Luxembourg, Epuramat S.A. provides compact, energy-efficient and mainly chemicals-free water and wastewater treatment solutions. Its patented ExSep® (Extreme-Separator) pre-treatment solution uses fluid dynamics, to separate solid matter from liquid, enabling wastewater to be more easily and more efficiently processed or recycled. Epuramat systems can be used in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, including treating sewage from remote communities for direct discharge into sensitive aquifers; separating oil from water; treating industrial water for re-use; and treating digestate resulting from biogas plants. The Epuramat plants are currently in operation in Europe, the US and Canada.

For more information, see www.epuramat.com.

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