CTC Cable goes global. New company name reflects substantial international growth.

Irvine, Calif., April 17, 2012

CTC Cable, a privately held Delaware Corporation that produces ACCC® conductor in conjunction with nine international stranding partners, is newly named CTC GLOBAL. The company’s new name underscores its commitment to improving the efficiency, reliability and capacity of electrical transmission grids worldwide.  In the last eight months, since the company was privatized and restructured, it has added numerous deployments across the globe.

Jason Huang, CEO of CTC GLOBAL, stated, “Our new financial strength will allow us to continue to provide the most cost-effective and energy-efficient conductor solution for upgrading the electrical transmission grid, and increase the company’s R&D commitment to adding functionality and complementary products that make the conductor even more beneficial to the way our customers operate their grid.”

The ACCC conductor delivers twice the power compared to conventional conductors of the same diameter and weight and reduces line losses by 30 to 40% under equal load conditions.

“During these challenging times, efficiency is paramount not only to the economic prosperity of the utilities and ultimately to their customers, but also to the conservation of resources and associated environmental concerns,” Dr. Huang continued.   

With the support of CTC GLOBAL’s growing management, engineering, production and installation teams, as well as the support and financial strength of its new investors and stranding partners, the company has successfully deployed the ACCC conductor to new project sites in the US, Indonesia, Columbia, India, South Korea, the UK, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Chile, Qatar, Brazil and Poland during the last 8 months.  


Headquartered in Irvine, California, CTC GLOBAL provides cost-effective conductor solutions that can double the capacity for congested transmission lines, with little to no tower modifications. The energy-efficient ACCC solution delivers more power with the least line loss. Since 2005, the ACCC solution has been commercially deployed to over 190 reconductoring and new construction projects for top-tier clients worldwide. For further information, visit CTC’s website at

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