Chameleon Sheds Its Camouflage

Chameleon Grow Systems launched their new line of LEP grow lights at the ASHS convention in Miami.

This annual conference of the American Society of Horticultural Science was the perfect setting to show off the unique qualities of LEP when used in grow lighting applications.

“Our Commercial Greenhouse LEP system is the result of continuous engineering to adapt LEP technology to the needs of commercial growers AND provide a lower cost while retaining the LEP’s tremendous benefits,” comments Chris Pieser, President and owner of Chameleon.

The company also released an LEP Light Pipe optimized for controlled environmental agriculture growth chambers and vertical farming. To top it off, Chameleon showed the Solar Genesis-V system which incorporates red LED's to further extend the light energy within PAR. Says Chris Pieser, “There is nothing like the Solar Genesis V available anywhere on the planet, and we have received exceptional feedback on the spectral characteristics.”

At the show, Chameleon personally connected with research scientists and growers who have helped in understanding the benefits and applications of LEP lighting. The presentations demonstrating the advantages of Light Emitting Plasma were very well received, and, once again, LUXIM's LEP was the talk of the show.

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