S&C Electric Company and Alion Energy, Inc. joinly bring breakthrough automated solar construction technologies to the North American Market

Chicago, IL and Richmond, CA - Building on operating experience that has spanned over 100 years of electric power switching and protection and 500MW of traditional ground mounted solar installation, S&C Electric Company, a global leader in renewable energy integration, and Alion Energy, Inc., a breakthrough innovator in PV installation automation from the San Francisco Bay Area are jointly bringing breakthrough automated solar construction technologies to the North American Market, the two companies announced today.

“The relationship between S&C and Alion Energy has developed into one of the best alliance models in the solar power industry”

Under the terms of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), S&C and Alion Energy have agreed to mutually construct ground mounted solar power plants incorporating their respective industry leading technologies. This combination of proven EPC bankability, best-in-class electric power switching, protection and storage technologies with disruptive robotic installation and cleaning efficiencies, further enhances the cost competitiveness of ground mounted solar generation.

This teaming agreement continues S&C’s commitment to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

“Both S&C and Alion Energy see rich opportunities for our combined offering in the US and elsewhere over the next few years,” said Dan Girard, director—Business Development, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage, S&C. “By facilitating the integration of more renewable energy into the power grid, our combined technologies are a good fit for power producers and municipalities turning to solar energy to meet more of their power needs.

“S&C is at work connecting people with advanced technologies that power a cleaner, more productive world. Alion Energy’s automated panel installation vehicles, which are the result of an investment of more than $30 million in research and development, will help S&C meet that commitment,” Girard added.

“The relationship between S&C and Alion Energy has developed into one of the best alliance models the solar power industry. It combines Alion’s innovative technology with S&C’s best-inclass domain expertise for both DC and AC subsystems to deliver improved costs of energy to end clients and consumers,” said Jesse Atkinson, Vice President, Business Development at Alion Energy. “Alion Energy has delivered a turnkey installation and cleaning solution. Teaming these breakthrough technologies with the stability of a well respected100+ year enterprise such as S&C, allows the energy industry to speed their adoption. We believe this combination is the right solution for our customers who are looking for high efficiency and flexible power generation.”

About S&C Electric Company

S&C, with global headquarters in Chicago, USA, is applying its heritage of innovation to address challenges facing the world’s power grids and is thus shaping the future of reliable electricity delivery. The mission of employee-owned S&C is to continually develop new solutions for electricity delivery, fostering the improved efficiency and reliability required for the intelligent grid.

About Alion Energy Inc.

Alion energy is an advanced automation and EPC services company taking on the challenge of enabling solar power to compete head to head with fossil fuels. Alion Energy uses robotic installation technology and construction industry best practices to build local, utility scale projects twice as fast and with less than half the labor. Further, energy output is maximized with simple, cost-effective cleaning robots. The result is the lowest cost of electricity in the solar industry.

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