Siluria Technologies Invited to Lend Voice, Industry Perspective to Center for Energy Initiatives’ “Natural Gas Utilization” Workshop

SAN FRANCISCO, November 03, 2016 — Siluria Technologies ( continues to garner worldwide attention for its technology leadership in the production of chemicals and transportation fuels derived from natural gas.  Driven to “build with natural gas,” Siluria’s breakthroughs have been called “a holy grail in the petrochemicals industry” by and its leadership will be further amplified when its EVP of Strategy & Corporate Development, Rahul Iyer, Co-Chairs the Center for Energy Initiatives’ (CEI) Natural Gas Utilization Workshop, taking place November 1-3 in Morgantown, West Virginia.  CEI is a member of The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AiChE) technological community.   
The CEI workshop on natural gas conversion technologies will bring together leaders in downstream natural gas conversion across industry, academia and government to discuss various perspectives on hurdles to technology implementation.  Siluria’s perspective was sought for its analysis and insight on new and beneficial downstream technologies, and to address opportunities and constraints on the development and commercialization of technology in a new era of natural gas. The workshop will consider diverse stakeholder interests across the natural gas value chain and provide recommendations to federal agencies on how best to accelerate technology adoption.
“I am honored to accept this role with an organization that is absolutely critical to advancing the chemical engineering industry,” said Iyer. “I greatly look forward to working with my event Co-Chair, Dr. John Hu, the Statler Endowed Faculty Chair in Engineering for Natural Gas Utilization at the University of West Virginia. Together with industry leaders from Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and top academic minds from The University of West Virginia, Texas A&M and Penn State University, we’ll be working to chart a course to further AiChE’s growth, development and global influence for the near-and-long term. ” AIChE is the world's leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with more than 50,000 members representing more than 100 countries.
Iyer was sought for his leadership role based on Siluria’a well documented success and industry-disrupting innovation, along with his established reputation as a trusted industry source on the “how” and “why” of advanced energy technology commercialization among a community of innovators, investors, policy makers, and leading academics.

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